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As soon as their lips touched, however, everything started happening at once. Alex kissing Mary just seemed to break the ice. For the next twenty minutes, all the girls were hugging and playing with the boy. There was no way Alex had any idea, at any time who it was that was holding or playing with his dick and balls. Frequently, it was more than one anyway. Meanwhile, Alex went from fondling one girl to another. By the time they all came up for air, Alex had kissed and played with every wonderful set of boobs in the room, to say nothing of having exploredinside each tight pussy.
All six people were breathing very hard now. For some reason, though, things had gotten awkward again. Nobody seemed to know what to do next. Finally, Alex suggested that the girls do what they had promised. There was a little hesitating, but Amy said that was a good idea and told Alex to sit on the edge of the bed.

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After a little more discussion, Ginny Mason decided to go first. In all honesty, she was the most grossed out by the idea and wanted to get it over with. So, with Alex seated on the bed, Ginny put her head in his lap. She could see his thing right in front of her face. It was so nice, but the idea of sucking on it was still getting to her. But she had promised. Ginny took a deep breath to steady herself, and then opened her mouth and let the dick fall right in. The first thing she noticed was that it didn't taste bad at all. And it did feel kind of nice in there. Ginny ran her tongue over it, and found the taste was actually sort of pleasant. And from the way Alex moaned as she did it, he certainly seemed to be enjoying it.
Now it was time to suck on the thing. Ginny closed her lips around the shaft and began to suck gently. It really was kind of fun. Especially when she would give it a little lick and Alex would let out one of those moans. When it was time for her to give the next girl a turn, Ginny was kind of disappointed. But she opened her mouth, and let the now rock hard cock fall out.
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